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GHG Measurement made Easy

Become a leader in sustainability and climate action. Our CIFA+ tool delivers simple, flexible greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment, tracking and reporting to meet your campus sustainability performance goals.

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Compatible with International Standards

CIFA+ is built with compatibility in mind, allowing you to evaluate, track and report campus-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Our integrated platform engages current and prospective students and faculty in campus sustainability efforts and enables campuses to qualify for STARS credits.  


What We Can Do For Your Campus

Looking to understand your campuses contribution to climate change, risk of infrastructure vulnerability, or be a leader in climate action? We can help. 

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LEIF specializes in providing integrated solutions for measuring, tracking, and communicating sustainability efforts and climate action. 
Since 2016, LEIF has partnered with several communities to measure and evaluate greenhouse gas emissions, including:
  • City and County of Denver, CO
  • City of Arvada, CO
  • City of Manitou Springs, CO

LEIF can provide your community with:

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Environmental Accounting & Reporting
Track the environmental and social impacts of campus-wide and transboundary activities in key areas such as: transportation, utilities, land use change, and the embodied energy of key materials needed for life on campuses. Benchmark against peer campuses, state and national performance metrics to see how your campus stacks up. Customized outputs for compatibility with STARS, and other reporting platforms.  
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Infrastructure & Policy Action Analysis
Understand how infrastructural and operational investments, and campus policies/programs can mitigate climate change emissions, and increase resiliency. We assess the effectiveness of potential strategies, customized to your campus community, giving you the tools to confidently set and meet sustainability and resiliency performance targets.
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Data Visualization and Storage for Decision Support
See your sustainability story in action with interactive data visualizations of your campus's emissions and effects of different GHG mitigation strategies. Spot trends over time and see how policies and investments pay off. Engage current and prospective students, staff and faculty in your campus-wide sustainability efforts through interactive data visualizations and dashboards. 
An integrated and interactive platform to track and communicate sustainability metrics.
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