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Our integrated and interactive technology allows clients to measure, track, and communicate life cycle environmental, economic and social impacts of baseline activities and benefits of sustainability efforts. Our tools stay current with the most recent advances in methods and best practice approaches, ensuring our clients have the best sustainability intelligence available. 

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LEIF brings to life our philosophy that sustainability challenges and opportunities can be best illuminated using systems thinking, science-based analytics, and participatory approaches- the combination of which can help clients take sustainability from concept to action. We offer our services at affordable rates to make science-based sustainability management accessible for communities and businesses, large and small. 

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LEIF formed in 2016 in partnership with the University of Minnesota. Our team has over a decade experience conducting sustainability research and consultation. Our mission is to deliver science-based decision support to governments, businesses, and campuses using best practice approaches for measuring and moving the sustainability needle forward.


About Us

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