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From Concept
to Action

Step toward a sustainable future with LEIF using

science-based and data-driven methodologies.

Path to sustainability

LEIF's Vision.

Est. 2016 in partnership with the University of Minnesota

Accelerate the sustainable transformation of the global economy.

To that end, we will:

Deliver credible intelligence to help companies invest in sustainable growth initiatives.

Increase accessibility of best-practice LCA & climate action planning using AI & automation.

Pioneer & apply emerging best practices to push the frontier of sustainability sciences.

Identify & prioritize climate action opportunities for companies & industries across the globe.

Why LEIF is a Step Ahead.

PhD Research & Expertise

World-Class PhD Research & Expertise

WHY IT MATTERS:  Setting a target is easy, but navigating your sustainability journey can be challenging, with obstacles and unknowns that make it difficult to know you’re on the right path. A qualified and experienced expert to guide your team can make all the difference.

HOW WE CAN HELP:  LEIF was created in partnership with the University of Minnesota to break the barriers between cutting-edge R&D in LCA and data science, and companies who need to use those innovations to improve the sustainability of their products and services today. Our PhD trained consultants are industry leading experts in LCA, GHG inventories, and climate action strategy, with over a decade of experience leading award winning sustainability initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, & beyond. 

Pioneering LCA Methods & Technology

HOW WE CAN HELP:  LEIF's mission is to deliver the best  possible science-based, data-driven decision support to businesses around the globe who want to understand and improve their sustainability. By combining cutting-edge LCA with innovations in data science and engineering, our repeatable, scalable tools provide unparalleled insights into your climate impacts and climate action opportunities. 

WHY IT MATTERS:  LCA and climate action strategy are rapidly evolving frontiers of science. New best practices continuously emerge and it's important that impact assessments and mitigation strategies are updated & maintained in real-time to ensure your sustainability goals, guidance, and investments are always informed by the most accurate, relevant, and compliant information possible.

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S3 Scope 3 Complex Supply Chains

Scope 3 Analysis for Complex Supply Chains

WHY IT MATTERS:  Achieving your sustainability goals and maintaining compliance with emerging regulations is all about identifying and effectively addressing critical impact hotspots. This often presents a challenge when the majority of impact sits in upstream supply chains, where data availability, accuracy, and transparency can be limited. 

HOW WE CAN HELP:  For complex supply chain scenarios, where highly detailed parameterized process LCA is not possible due to data limitations, LEIF employs a specialized hybrid LCA approach, giving you the best possible quality and granularity of data and insights across a dynamic range of supply chain tiers, subregions, industries, and scenarios.  

Specialized Industry Knowledge, Data, & Tools

WHY IT MATTERS:  The data used to assemble life cycle inventories and impact assessments are often aggregated and lack the granularity and specificity necessary to yield accurate, actionable insights into impact hotspots and realistic impact mitigation opportunities.

HOW WE CAN HELP:  At LEIF, we use parameterized LCA approaches that capture detailed nuances unique to your operations and supply chain, including differences across subregional sourcing regions, processing methods and technologies, material and energy types, and more. Our innovative data engineering and automation techniques allow us to simulate discrete permutations of production and sourcing scenarios, helping identify and prioritize hotspot mitigation strategies that can realistically be co-mingled to reach sustainability goals. 



Why LEIF .

Women Owned & Founded, PhD


Founder | CEO 

  • LinkedIn

"We created LEIF in response to industry leaders asking for help to create methods and tools that would provide detailed, repeatable, scalable assessments of product impacts, alongside actionable insights into what can realistically be done to address hotspots and achieve impact targets. 

Our mission is to help our clients understand and successfully reduce their impact, which is why we bring together the best minds, methods, and technology to inform their climate action plans and sustainability investments with highly credible, science-based, data-driven information." 

Dr. Rylie Pelton is Founder and CEO of LEIF and Research Scientist of Industrial Ecology at the UMN Institute on Environment, specializing in methods to assess and improve the impacts of complex supply chains. Rylie holds a PhD in Industrial Ecology, PhD minor in Public Health, and M.S. & B.S. in Corporate Environmental Management from the University of Minnesota.

Your sustainability journey starts here

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